Who is Dr. Doomcliff?

Dr. Doomcliff is primarily a crimefighting superhero and a doctor of several several medical and psychological fields. However, he comes from humble and mysterious origins. The Doctor was found as a baby under a pile of rocks in an inconspicuous corner of Yellowstone National Park. It is said that one of the famous geysers of hot steam burned Doomcliff’s face off, resulting in a hideous mug that has never healed to this day. As a boy and later as a man, Doomcliff preferred to wear a mask to not frighten the other children and men and women – although often he found it had the opposite effect.

When not dealing out justice in the streets or performing heart surgeries for the critically ill, the Doctor can usually be found in the basement of his mansion playing videogames and drinking too much coffee. His other hobbies include physical fitness, borderline obsession with cats, and consuming copious amounts of comic books and manga.

Doomcliff’s passions are writing and storytelling in videogames, film and television.